Online Грани Агни Йоги 1958Г 2007


Academic Credentials

The University of Texas at Dallas


Software Engineering

  • Software Engineering Project
  • Software Testing and Verification
  • Advanced Software Architecture and Design
  • Advanced Requirements Engineering
  • Software Project Planning and Management
  • Industry Internship - Raytheon (6 hrs)
  • Software Engineering (Honors)
  • Professional and Technical Communication (Honors)
  • Social Issues and Ethics in Computer Science

Business, Management, and Leadership

  • Leadership (Honors)
  • Organizational Behavior (Honors)
  • Principles of Marketing (Honors)
  • Regulation of Business
  • Intro to Leading and Managing
  • Production Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Business Ethics
  • Intro to Business

Natural Sciences

  • General Chemistry I with Lab (4 hrs)
  • Mechanics and Heat with Lab (4 hrs)
  • Electromagnetism and Waves with Lab (4 hrs)

Computer Science

  • Information Security Analytics
  • Trustworthy Semantic Web
  • Information Security
  • Computer Vision
  • Semantic Web with RDF and OWL
  • Computational Models of Language Understanding
  • Statistical Natural Language Processing
  • Intelligent Systems Analysis
  • Intelligent Systems Design
  • Neural Net Mathematics
  • Cognitive and Neural Modeling Lab
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Honors)
  • Computer Architecture (Honors)
  • Intro to Digital Systems with Lab (Honors, 4 hrs)
  • Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Operating Systems Concepts
  • Embedded Computer Systems
  • Automata Theory
  • Organization of Programming Languages
  • Probability and Statistics in Computer Science
  • Data Structures
  • C++ and C Programming
  • Computer Science AB


  • Discrete Math I, II (6 hrs)
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus I, II, III with Labs (11 hrs)

Behavioral and Brain Sciences

  • Human Judgment and Decision Making
  • Psychology of Music
  • Cognitive Science
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Anticipation (independent study)

Core and Other Electives

  • Freemasonry in the Far East (9 hrs independent research abroad)
  • Political Theory (Honors)
  • Oral Communication/Critical Thinking (Honors, 1 hr)
  • Sound Design
  • Intermediate Spanish Grammar and Conversation (University of Guanajuato)
  • Mexican History and Literature (University of Guanajuato)
  • Constitutional and Political Behavior - U.S. and Texas
  • U.S. History II
  • Intro to Speech Communication
  • Intro to Visual Arts
  • Ethics
  • U.S. History I
  • U.S. Government and Politics
  • English Literature and Composition
  • English Language and Composition

Online Грани Агни Йоги 1958Г 2007

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